Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer Review

Canoeing down a river or fishing from a canoe on a lake can be a peaceful pastime. Yet, this is only the case when you have the confidence to stay balanced and remove the risk of capsizing. This fear can restrict canoeists unnecessarily.

One solution to this problem is to get a stabilizing set of floats. For anyone that hasn’t used them before, it is a little like adding those little stabilizer wheels to the side of a bicycle. The right pair will keep riders upright and boost confidence, and the same is true with the right floats. However, you need to be sure of getting the best package.

The Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer promises to be the “highest quality canoe stabilizer on the market,” but is that accurate. This Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer review with price can help you out.

What Do You Get With The Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer Package?

There are 4 main elements to this kit to help users gain stability on the water.

1) Canoe stabilizer floats. This is the star feature. These floats are 4 lbs. of lightweight polyethylene plastic with 27 lbs. per float buoyancy. Their weight, 37’’ length, and hydrodynamic shape give the canoe that extra stability. There are also three color options of red, grey, and yellow to match your craft.

2) Telescoping float arms. The arms on these floats are adjustable up to 20 inches to give the ideal width for stability. This means that if you aren’t entirely confident about getting back on the water, this could give you that little extra nudge.

3) Universal receiver bar. This lightweight 78.5 lbs. bar rests over the canoe to hold the float in place and secure the system. There are different size options to suit your canoe, from 30, 36, 40, and 45 inches.

4) Gunwale clamps. Finally, there are strong clamps that attach the bar to the canoe to keep it in place. These ensure that the floats remain equidistant from the side of the boat and the bar won’t come off accidentally.

The Benefits Of This Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer Package.

There is plenty of high praise for this package in online testimonials, with users frequently referencing the following points in their recommendations:

– increased stability

– ease of use

– overall product quality

– the customizable options

The features above highlight that customization pretty well, thanks to the different sizes and colors on offer. Most buyers seem to find the size they need and can get the benefits they were after as a result. It should be noted that the official store allows gives consumers the option of an additional storage bag for a higher price. This could be worthwhile to keep everything safe and in one place between trips. There is also the chance to get replacement floats as needed.

Those that choose the right size for their canoe tend to be impressed with the stability on offer. Previously, users struggled to keep their balance while fishing from their canoe, but that isn’t a problem with these stabilizers. They now have much more confidence to get in and out of the craft with their gear, and one even says they can handle having their dog on board now too. There is a recommendation not to try standing up because the floats can only do so much, but there is still a vast improvement.

For the most part, the kit seems to be pretty easy to use. It doesn’t take much effort to attach and detach the bar because of the design of the clamps. This is important because you will want to remove them when transporting a canoe on a roof rack, for safety’s sake. There are rare comments about the pieces being a tight fit, but not enough to worry about.

Then there is the overall quality of the product and its components. There are no concerns about the durability of the floats, despite the lightweight material. Users are also impressed with the hydrodynamics offered and the impact this has on performance. Some expected a drag because of these extra weights at the side, but they are barely noticeable.

The Downsides Of This Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer Package.

We can’t look at all the benefits without also considering the negative implications. This option isn’t perfect, and it is worth keeping the following in mind before choosing a model.

– the preparation involved in choosing the right size

– the high price

It can take a little time and effort to find the right version of this package for your canoe. Those that don’t prepare and double-check specifications could end up with an ineffective product and need to reorder. You need to measure your canoe to determine the right size bar. This goes at the widest point of the canoe. However, you also need to check the position of the lips for the clamps and match this up too. Some clamps will attach to the outside rather than the inside. In this case, you need to go one size up for the best fit.

As for the price, there is no getting around the fact that this isn’t cheap. Some found it a bit costly, especially those that had some installation issues. Yet, others see the value because of the full package and its impact on their time on the water. It costs $380 when bought direct, but there is the potential for installment payments with some providers if this helps. Those replacement floats aren’t cheap either, at between $105-210.

Is This Spring Creek Canoe Stabilizer Package Worth It?

The high cost of the package is an issue here. However, you have to consider the number of high-quality pieces received in one convenient set. This isn’t just about getting those hydrodynamic floats for extra stability. You also get the adaptable bar and clamps to ensure that those floats are reliable at all times. Plenty of canoeists and fishermen have benefited from this set because of the quality and customizable options. So, when fully considering this Spring Creek Canoe stabilizer review with price, this set is highly recommendable.

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